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The Journal of Japanese Botany was started by Tomitaro Makino in April 1916. He edited the Journal through vol. 8 in 1933. Subsequently, the Journal has been edited by the Editorial Board from vol. 9 no. 1 in May 1933 to the present issue. The Editorial Board has been represented by Yasuhiko Asahina (1933–1975), Hiroshi Hara (1975–1987), Shoji Shibata (1987–2006), and Hiroyoshi Ohashi (2006–present). The Journal was published first by Makino’s company, ‘Shokubutsu-Kenkyû-Zasshi-Sha,’ then by Tsumura Laboratory from vol. 3 in 1926 and further by Tsumura & Co. from vol. 81 in 2006. The Journal has promoted the development of research and the study of systematic botany, pharmacognosy and related disciplines. It is among the highly regarded journals in its field.
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The current issue
Vol.90 No.4 (August 2015)

Hiroyuki Kashiwadani, André Aptroot, Minoru Nakanishi, Kwang Hee Moon, Masakane Inoue and Osanori Sasaki: New or Noteworthy Species of Lichens Found in Akita Prefecture, Japan ... 227
Hirokazu Ando, Masashi Matsumoto, Maksut Coşkun, Turgut Yilmaz, Nathalie Allain, Yohei Sasaki and Masayuki Mikage: The Classification of Ephedra major subsp. procera (Ephedraceae) - Based on Comparison with Ephedra equisetina in DNA and Ephedrine Alkaloids - ... 235
Okihito Yano, Hiroshi Ikeda, Colin Alistair Pendry and Keshab Raj Rajbhandari: Cytological Studies on Cyperaceae in the Nepal Himalaya III. Chromosome Counts of 18 Species Collected from Api Himal and Adjacent Areas, Far Western Nepal ... 249
Shinobu Akiyama, Gerard Thijsse, Hans-Joachim Esser and Hideaki Ohba: Siebold and Zuccarini’s Type Specimens and Original Materials from Japan, Part 6. Angiosperms. Dicotyledoneae 5 ... 260
Rajib Gogoi, Souravjyoti Borah and P. Satyanarayana: Impatiens fugongensis, I. yui and I. xanthina (Balsaminaceae), Three New Additions to Flora of India ... 270
Norio Murano, Noboru Miki, Masami Miyaki, Hiroyuki Nakagawa and Ken Sato: A New Record of Hylotelephium sordidum var. sordidum (Crassulaceae) for Hokkaido, Japan ... 276
Hiroshi Ikeda, Akiko Shimizu and Carlos Aedo: Nomenclature and Typification of Geranium yesoense var. pseudopalustre (Geraniaceae) ... 281
Keshab Raj Rajbhandari, Ganga Datt Bhatt and Rita Chhetri: A New Record of Puccinellia, P. himalaica (Poaceae) from Nepal ... 285
Errata in Vol. 90 No. 2 (2015) ... 288

Hideki Takahashi: Dr. Koji Ito (1930-2014) ... 289

Book reviews ......... 291
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