TSUMURA Action Charter

Putting the dignity of lives first, Tsumura will contribute to people's health and medical care with a scientifically supported fusion of Kampo medicine cultivated in the Japanese tradition as well as Western medicine, under the corporate philosophy "the Best of Nature and Science."
To this end, our officers and employees will act in accordance with a higher standard of ethics by respecting human rights and complying with all laws and regulations, codes of conduct and its spirit both in Japan and overseas, based on the following action principles.

1. Contributing to medical care by supplying high quality Kampo medicines

Tsumura will engage in research on Kampo medicines and raw material crude drugs, and contribute to the field of medicine by providing a stable supply of high-quality Kampo medicines that excel in both efficacy and safety. At the same time, we will aim to support a reduction in healthcare costs via research in Kampo medicines.

2. Providing appropriate R & D activities and accurate product information

We will cooperate with medical institutions to conduct clinical research underpinned by sound scientific principles, while respecting the human rights of test subjects and taking the necessary safety precautions. In nonclinical tests, we will conduct necessary testing on animals with sufficient consideration for animal welfare. To ensure the proper use of Kampo medicines, we will provide accurate information on quality, safety, and efficacy supported by scientific evidence originating from both Japan and abroad, and promptly collect, analyze, evaluate, and transmit post-marketing information regarding safety.

3. Appropriate trade and distribution through fair and free competition

We will engage in fair trade and distribution of our products through fair and free competition. Moreover, we will maintain healthy and normal relationships with healthcare-related parties, government agencies, administrative offices, and other parties.

4. Appropriate protection and strict management of information

We will give sufficient consideration to the protection of personal information, customer information and confidential information, and fully implement the necessary measures.

5. Creating an open company by disclosing information proactively and fairly

We will engage in broad communication with all our stakeholders, and actively and fairly disclose corporate information.

6. Actively making efforts for social contribution as a good corporate citizen while harmonizing with the environment

Working toward the resolution of environmental problems is a task shared by all of humanity. We recognize this as a fundamental requirement for the sustainable development of society and our Company, and we are committed to actively and voluntarily taking appropriate action.
As a good corporate citizen, we will actively conduct initiatives to contribute to the development of regional communities.

7. Realizing a secure and rewarding work environment by respecting the diversity of employees

We will respect the diversity expressed in the character and individuality of our employees, and realize a safe work environment that motivates workers.
We will also work to raise the ethical standards of our employees and enhance their overall qualities.

8. Confronting antisocial forces with a resolute attitude

We will stand firmly against antisocial forces and groups that threaten the order and safety of civil society.

9. Contribution to the development of overseas countries while respecting their culture and complying with relevant laws

In our international business activities, we will comply with local laws and codes of conduct as a matter of course, and we will also respect the local culture and customs, and conduct corporate management that contributes to the development of regional communities.

10. Top management leadership for realizing the spirit of this Charter in order to thoroughly ensure corporate ethics

Our top management recognizes their role in embodying the spirit of this Charter and taking the lead in expressing its spirit, together with thoroughly conveying it across our Company and to our group companies while making it known to our business partners. Moreover, they will pay attention to views from both inside and outside the Company, put in place an effective corporate structure, and strive to thoroughly enforce the ethical standards of the Company.
In the event of a violation of the principles of our Charter, our top management will personally work toward a resolution of the problem, investigate the causes of the violation and develop reforms to prevent it from happening again.
Our top management will also engage in prompt and accurate disclosure of the event to the public and appropriate holding of accountability. They will take firm action against the parties concerned, including themselves, while clarifying the authority and responsibility involved.