Message from the President


Aiming to create new value through innovations in Kampo

The Tsumura Group engages in management that is rooted in basic principles such as its corporate philosophy, “The Best of Nature and Science,” and its corporate mission, “To contribute to the unparalleled medical therapeutic power of the combination of Kampo medicine and Western medicine.”
Our long-term business vision is to be a “value-creation company that contributes to people’s health through its Kampo medicine business,” and we have formulated a new medium-term management plan that starts from FY2016 and is centered on the theme of “creating new value through innovations in Kampo.” The plan outlines strategic objectives for medium and long-term growth and enhancing corporate value while flexibly adapting to the constantly changing external and internal environments, and promotes concrete initiatives toward achieving those objectives.
Our Kampo medicine and crude drug business has no similar business model in the world. However, in view of the high expectations for Kampo medicine, which is a traditional medicine in Japan and a common national resource, it is essential to move forward with powerful innovation to ensure a stable supply of high-quality Kampo formulations.

While pursuing the happiness of our employees and their families, we remain committed to meeting the expectations for Kampo medicine of our various stakeholders, including patients and their families, medical practitioners, and our shareholders, as well as local communities.

As we pursue these initiatives, we hope that we can continue to count on your support and guidance.

November 2016

Terukazu Kato

Terukazu Kato
President , Representative Director