08.Vision for the pharmaceuticals industry

Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare's Drug Industry Vision
"Future of the Overall Drug Industry"

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  • 5 years after the announce of 2002, in the New Drug Industry Vision announced in 2007, "Basic drug pharmas" has been added to the new.
  • In the Drug Industry Vision 2013, as “Basic drug companies", the future of "herbal medicine, Kampo medicine companies" has been stated specifically.

(Excerpt from the Drug Industry Vision 2013)
Basic drug companies
The Drug Industry Vision 2013 also provides a detailed vision for Kampo products and crude drug manufacturers as “Basic drug companies.” Companies manufacturing basic pharmaceuticals for healthcare, essential drugs, and such traditional medicine products as vaccines, transfusions, crude drugs and Kampo products, and external-use medicine, are being asked to continue to strengthen their corporate structures to enable the provision of a stable supply of high-quality products in the future.