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The Tsumura Group is committed to contributing to the healthy lives of individuals throughout their life stages by bringing together nature’s wisdom and science.

Management Message

Value Creation Story

By growing businesses that contribute to the good of society and expanding value-creation cycle activities, we aim to contribute to realizing a sustainable society while achieving sustainable enhancement of the Tsumura Group’s corporate value.


Throughout the Kampo value chain, we aim to realize sustainability for people, society, and the global environment. We will work to realize a recycling society in our own way, by ensuring that all resources, not only crude drugs but also water and air, are returned to nature.

Feature:“The Best of Nature and Science”Tsumura’s Value Creation Capability

Tsumura Group has grown as a leading company in prescription Kampo formulations through its pursuit of safety, efficacy, and consistency in its pharmaceutical products, based on scientific evidence. Trust and a performance record built up on the medical front line, along with research driven by advanced technologies, are the sources of Tsumura’s competitive advantage, and its unique value creation capability.

Medium-Term Management Plan

We have positioned the stage of building infrastructure for achieving the long-term management vision of TSUMURA VISION “Cho-WA”2031, and are carrying out relevant strategies as planned.

Corporate Governance

We continue working for better corporate governance as the essential foundation for sustainable growth of corporate value.

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