Analyst Coverage

Analyst Coverage

(In Japanese kana order, honorifics omitted.)

Tokai Tokyo Research Institute Co., Ltd.

Takashi Akahane

Daiwa Securities Co. Ltd.

Anna Kato

UBS Securities Japan Co., Ltd.

Kasumi Haruta

This list has been created in accordance with Tsumura's standards on the basis of the information available to Tsumura as of the time of publication. Accordingly, it is possible that there are analysts not included in this list, and it is also possible that not all information is up to date.
The analysts on this list as well as analysts not on this list analyze Tsumura's business performance, business operations, products, and technology and make predictions about future business performance based on their own judgment, on a regular or irregular basis. Neither Tsumura nor the management of Tsumura are involved in any way with these processes.
This list is provided only for the purpose of informing shareholders and investors regarding the analysts at companies and research institutions who forecast and analyze the business performance of Tsumura. Tsumura does not provide it in order to promote the forecasts and analyses made by these analysts. Final investment decisions should be made at your own risk in accordance with your own judgment.

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