History of TSUMURA

Since 1893


Based on the belief that “good medicine is guaranteed to sell,” our founder, Jusha Tsumura, established Tsumura Juntendo in Tokyo.
The following is an overview of Tsumura's 130-year history from its founding in 1893 to the present.


From the founding to the end of the war

In 1893, after leaving his hometown of Nara and moving to Tokyo, Jusha Tsumura I founded Tsumura Juntendo in Nihonbashi, Tokyo, with the belief that “good medicine is guaranteed to sell.”


From postwar reconstruction to Kampo resurgence

After the war, Jusha II, who had been discharged from military service, put up the Tsumura Juntendo signboard again in bomb-raid-devastated Nihonbashi.


NHI price listing and business diversification

In the new system under the leadership of the third president, Tsumura Juntendo’s 33 prescription Kampo drugs were listed in the National Health Insurance Drug Price List and used in medical institutions as health insurance-covered drugs.


Breaking away from a crisis and creating value

Tsumura, which had fallen into a crisis situation, appointed a president from outside the company for the first time in 1995 and started measures to improve its management, including reducing interest-bearing debt and divesting subsidiaries.