Sustainability Charter

The Tsumura Group, upholding its Principles that promote a "spirit of obeying the heavens," its corporate purpose in pursuit of "Lively Living for Everyone," and its corporate value of "The Best of Nature and Science," is committed to fulfilling its corporate mission: "to contribute to the unparalleled medical therapeutic power of the combination of Kampo medicine and Western medicine." By demonstrating this commitment, we aim to contribute to resolving social issues and creating a sustainable society.
To this end, all officers and employees of the Tsumura Group pledge to adhere to and act in accordance with the following principles of the Sustainability Charter as well as others established separately, with the aim of realizing the Sustainability Vision of "Living with nature for tomorrow."

1. Basic Principle

Both at home and abroad, we comply with all applicable laws, regulations, and international rules while also respecting the spirit of the law, and fulfill our social responsibility while maintaining high ethical standards.
We also engage in communication with our stakeholders in a sincere manner so that we can earn their satisfaction and trust.

2. Commitment to our customers and patients

We contribute to the well-being of each of our customers and patients through stable supply and provision of safe and reliable high-quality products and services as well as the provision of accurate information.
To this end, we engage in innovative research and development efforts.

3. Commitment to our business partners

We respect our relationships with our business partners, and seek to build mutually beneficial partnerships from a long-term point of view.
We also compete in a fair and open manner, follow fair transaction and distribution procedures in handling our products, and conduct responsible procurement activities.

4. Commitment to our employees

We create a work environment that encourages employees to respect diversity and to respect each other as individuals, is conscious of health and safety issues, and ensures the job satisfaction of each employee.
We also create an organization that supports the self-development efforts of employees to improve their personal qualities, promotes higher ethical standards, and encourages harmonious collaboration among people with diverse talents and attributes.

5. Commitment to our shareholders and investors

In order to achieve sustainable growth and increase our corporate value over the medium to long term, we develop and operate an appropriate governance system, engage in constructive dialogues with our shareholders and investors, and conduct information disclosure in a timely and appropriate manner.

6. Commitment to the environment

Squarely recognizing that the Tsumura Group's business is founded upon nature, we continue to be a corporate group that is extremely sensitive to changes in and crises facing the natural environment, take action to prevent global warming, conserve biodiversity and water resources, and promote resource recycling, in an effort to work in harmony with the environment.

7. Commitment to society

  1. We respect the human rights of all people involved in the business of the Tsumura Group.
  2. When conducting international business activities, we comply with local laws and norms of conduct, respect local cultures and customs, and contribute to local development through corporate management.
  3. We actively participate in society as a good corporate citizen, and contribute to the development of society.
  4. We give due attention to the proper protection of personal information, customer information, and confidential information, and take every possible measure to ensure appropriate information management.
  5. We maintain sound relationships with the legislative and administrative arms of government.
  6. We assume a resolute attitude toward antisocial forces and groups that pose a threat to the order and safety of civil society.
  7. We establish solid organizational crisis management systems to respond to possible cases of terrorist attacks, cyberattacks, natural disasters, pandemics, and other crisis situations.

The management team of each company under the Tsumura Group is well aware of their role in embodying the spirit of the Charter, setting an example for their employees, and sharing the Charter with their business partners.
They shall also actively seek out opinions from both inside and outside the company in order to ensure a strong culture of corporate ethics. In the event of a violation of the Charter, the management team of the relevant company shall act to solve the problem, conducting investigations to determine the cause and activities to prevent similar problems. They shall then publicly disclose information in a timely and appropriate manner to fulfill accountability and take strict disciplinary action against those involved, including team members, based on the relevant authority and responsibility, while working to restore public trust and confidence.

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