Basic policies

The Tsumura Group follows its corporate principle of “In the Spirit of Junten” (following Nature’s Laws), its corporate purpose of “Lively Living for Everyone,” which is its ultimate business motive, and its corporate philosophy, and has formulated the sustainability vision of “Living With Nature for Tomorrow” and the long-term management vision of “TSUMURA VISION Cho-WA 2031.” In order to realize these visions and improve corporate value, it is essential to make concerted efforts across the group to address important issues related to corporate activities.
For this reason, the Board of Directors has established the three basic policies on the subjects of “sustainability,” “organization and human policy” and “corporate governance,” in order to provide direction and supervision for working on these important issues.

Relationship between the three basic policies

The Sustainability Charter provides overall directions for dealing with sustainability issues associated with human life, society and the global environment. The Basic Policy for Organization and Human Policy and the Corporate Governance Basic Policy describe a set of important issues to deal with in order to achieve sustainability goals.