Commitment of the President

President , Representative Director CEO

"Living with nature for tomorrow." The high-quality water conserved by forests and trees contributes to the growth of a range of living creatures and enriches the rivers and oceans. In the rich natural environment, a number of plants, which are the major raw ingredient of Kampo products, are growing. While being thankful for this blessing of nature, we will work to support the health of individuals based on our belief that the quality of Kampo products depends on the plants growing in the fields.

For people to continue to enjoy the blessings of nature toward the future We are cultivating plants to be used as crude drugs in Hokkaido and Laos with a feeling of awe towards nature and humbly learning a great deal from it.

We will continue to be a company that is more sensitive to nature's changes and crises than all others, and take action to pass down the rich natural environment to future generations.