Environmental Management

Policy for Environmental Management

We believe that the Tsumura Group, which uses nature-blessed crude drugs as raw materials, must be most sensitive to changes and crises in the natural environment to achieve sustainable growth. Based on the Tsumura Environmental Basic Philosophy and Policy, we have established and operated an effective system to promote preservation and enhancement of natural capital, the source of the Tsumura Group's value creation, by realizing the Sustainability Vision and Materiality (priority issues).

Management system

Clarification of the Promotion System

The Tsumura Group has established the Environmental Management Regulations to clarify its environmental management system and stipulate essential matters concerning environmental management. The Regulations stipulate the establishment of a Sustainability Promotion Office, a department dedicatedly engaging in the management of the sustainability management system, and the appointment of an executive officer in charge of the Sustainability Promotion Office (Co-COO) as Chief Environmental Officer, and clarify the role of department heads who are the Environment Unit Managers.
The Company has specified practical operating procedures for environmental management by establishing an Environmental Management Manual to standardize environmental management activities and Environmental Action Standards to prescribe specific activities.

Effective Promotion System

The Sustainability Committee, which reports directly to the Board of Directors, examines and monitors the Company’s overall direction and activities to ensure that sustainability issues are reflected in concrete strategies. Five subcommittees have been formed under the Committee, each responsible for organizing cross-organizational discussions on knowledge, experience, and research findings collected from various divisions in accordance with the medium to long-term environmental goals and other goals.

Promotion System and FY2022 Results of Subcommittees

Holding of Chair Reporting Sessions

To enhance the effectiveness of sustainability activities by stimulating discussions at subcommittee meetings, periodic Chair Reporting Sessions are held to report the results of subcommittees to the chairperson of the Committee (Co-COO).
We will pursue and promote effective sustainability activities by responding flexibly to changes in the social environment and the demands of the times.

Environmental Management System

Production sites in Japan with high environmental impact operate in accordance with ISO14001, the international standard for environmental management systems.
In addition to internal audits, we are periodically examined by an external certification body to ensure the proper functioning of our environmental management system.

ISO14001 Certification Status

We have acquired multisite certification with our head office as the central controlling office.

(As of the end of September 2023)

Company name Certification scope (organization name) Date of certification and
change to multi site certificatio
Single site
certification date
Acquisition rate

Tsumura & Co.

Production Control Section, Production Planning Department, Production Division

January 26, 2019

January 26, 2019

Acquisition rate at three Tsumura pharmaceutical manufacturing plants in Japan: 100%

Shizuoka Plant

March 26, 2001

Ibaraki Plant

May 28, 2001

Ishioka Center

July 13, 2015

Medium- to Long-Term Environmental Goals

We have set up and are working to achieve medium- to long-term goals for each subject to achieve our Sustainability Vision and address Materiality (priority issues).

Materiality Medium- to Long-Term Environmental Goals
Nature Classification Item Indicator (Base year: FY2020) Target

Climate change countermeasures
(realize carbon neutrality)

Response to Climate Change

Energy used

FY2030: 50% reduction,
virtually zero by FY2050

Entire Group※1

Per-unit energy consumption※2

FY2022 - FY2024: 1% reduction (base year is the previous year)

Entire Group

Sustainable procurement of raw materials
(such as research on cultivation of crude drugs)

Preservation of Biodiversity

Number of wild crude drug items

FY2031: 11 items
(Base year: 34 items)

Entire Group

Preservation of biodiversity
(cultivate forests, soil, and water sources)

Preservation of Biodiversity
Recycling use of resources

Per-unit water intake※3

FY2024: 10% reduction

(Ibaraki Plant・Shizuoka Plant)

Recycling of resources
(recycle water and crude drug residues)

Recycling of resources

Reduce the usage of plastics

FY2024: 10% reduction


Industrial waste emissions
Per-unit industrial waste discharge※4

FY2024: 50% reduction


  • ※1Tsumura entire group
    Japan:Ibaraki Plant、Shizuoka Plant、Ishioka Center、Research district、Head office、Branches and sales offices、YUBARI TSUMURA、LOGITEM TSUMURA
  • ※2Energy consumption per unit of production=Energy consumption(GJ)/Pharmaceutical Extract Granule Production(t)
  • ※3Per-unit water intake=Water intake(t)/Pharmaceutical Extract Granule Production(t)
  • ※4Per-unit industrial waste discharge= Industrial waste emissions(t)/Pharmaceutical Extract Granule Production(t)

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