Basic Concept

The raw materials for Kampo products are crude drugs mainly derived from plants.
As a company that has developed its business by taking advantage of nature's bounty of crude drugs and striving to connect it to the future, we must be most sensitive to changes and crises in the natural environment.
The Tsumura Group has established the Tsumura Environmental Basic Philosophy and Policy under its Sustainability Charter to realize a sustainable human, social, and global environment through the Kampo value chain.

Environmental Philosophy
Environmental Policy

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  • Environmental
    conservation efforts
  • Establish and improve
    the environmental management system
  • Reduce environmental impacts
    and develop new environmental technologies
  • Consideration
    for biodiversity
  • Compliance with environmental
    laws and regulations
  • Environmental education
    and awareness-raising activities
  • Information
  • Participate in social
    contribution activities

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