Respect for Human Rights

The Tsumura Group supports global norms such as the International Bill of Human Rights and is taking measures to respect human rights. We consider any violation of human rights in our supply chain unacceptable, for example, at companies and suppliers in production areas where we procure raw material crude drugs. We have therefore been conducting periodic audits of production area companies and suppliers for some time. To date, we have not found any significant issues relating to the human rights of employees, such as forced labor. In April 2022, the Group formulated the Tsumura Human Rights Policy and the Tsumura Procurement Policy, which cover all of the Group’s officers and employees, production area companies and production groups, and all suppliers with direct contracts.

Human rights due diligence

Furthermore, the Procurement Division conducts human rights due diligence for analysis and prevention of human rights risk in the supply chain. With regard to production groups from which the Group procures crude drugs, we conduct observation and interviews from an occupational health and safety perspective using a checklist when conducting GACP audits※, based on the Tsumura Procurement Policy. The results are evaluated by the Sustainable Procurement Subcommittee and the Sustainability Committee, then reported to the Board of Directors. In fiscal 2022, we conducted explanation meetings to local production groups in Japan, China, and Laos, to promote understanding of our procurement policy.

  • Tsumura’s own audit method based on the Tsumura GACP Guidelines

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