Commitment to employees

The Tsumura Group has created the Long-Term Management Vision for establishing a new business model that can create higher added value. Guided by our vision, we will bolster human capital, which is essential for our future business development, while engaging in value creation that contributes to our Corporate Purpose and Corporate Philosophy.

Guidelines for Organizational and Human Capital Policies

The policy recognizes that "organizational and human capital" is the source of creating corporate and business value, and describes our policies on managing organizational and human capital from a long-term perspective. In 2012, we established the previous long-term management vision under the title of “Tsumura, the People Company,” and have been practicing management that emphasizes the growth of people. Even after starting the new long-term management vision in 2022, we are consistently practicing management that emphasizes the growth of people, especially focusing on PAD*1. We aim to build an organizational mechanism analogous to Kampo medicines from a long-term perspective, and continue developing human resources to lead organizational efforts to achieve this aim.

  • ※1PAD:Potential Abilities Development

Tsumura Health and Productivity Management

We pledge to create a workplace environment where employees are healthy both physically and mentally and can demonstrate their full potential, in order to improve productivity and engagement, develop latent abilities, revitalize the organization, and contribute to people's health worldwide.

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