About our Quality

Process of Kampo Medicines to Reach Patients

Tsumura delivers Kampo formulations to medical institutions and patients after going through the process (Kampo value chain) of cultivating and procuring crude drugs, which are the raw materials used in Kampo formulations, manufacturing and selling extract formulations, educating and popularizing Kampo, conducting research and development, and quality assurance.

Efforts for the Quality

The Tsumura Group has formulated a quality policy consisting of the following principles in line with its aim to be a value-creation company that contributes to people’s health through its Kampo business:

Quality Policy

  1. Providing a stable supply of high-quality, reliable products.
  2. Complying with laws and regulations related to pharmaceuticals.
  3. Listening to the voices of our customers and striving to continually improve the quality of our products.
  4. Realizing stable procurement of safe crude drugs.
  5. Securing the reliability of research and provide research results appropriately.
  6. Offering appropriate training to all our executives and employees, and cultivating human resources distinguished by a high degree of awareness.
  7. Adequately allocating our management resources to help achieve these principles.

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