Message from the President

Pursuing TSUMURA VISION "Cho-WA" 2031 for Creating a Future of Harmony

President, Representative Director CEO

The future society that we should aim for is said to be a human-centered "creative society" where people can live in harmony with nature and foster co-creation by demonstrating their varying abilities in imagination and creation. In the medial field, calls for personalized treatment are also increasing.

Kampo medicine is said to be the medicine that helps each individual enhance their natural self-healing power, improve their symptoms and maintain their physical and mental balance as a whole.

The Tsumura Group has set its Corporate Purpose to be "Lively Living for Everyone," being specifically committed to contributing to the healthy lives of individuals throughout their life stages by bringing together nature's wisdom and science.

We formulated TSUMURA VISION "Cho-WA" 2031 as our group vision for fiscal year 2031, aiming to offer Personalized Health Care (PHC) to individuals and thereby contribute to their well-being. To this end, we will provide individuals with Kampo medicine, Chinese medicine and other products and services through an evidence-based approach and according to the life stage, symptoms, hereditary traits and living environment of each individual.

Moreover, we set our Sustainability Vision for 2031, upholding the slogan of "Living with nature for tomorrow," and with determination to live with nature and make use of nature's blessings for the lively living of each individual. Based on this vision, we will accelerate our measures to preserve the natural environment.

The Tsumura Group will continue to conduct business in line with its philosophy and contribute to society and people through its business operations, thereby increasing its corporate value, for which we ask for your continued support.