Tsumura is a pharmaceutical company that contributes to the well-being of everyone through products and services based on Kampo medicine and traditional Chinese medicine.
In line with its Corporate Value of “The Best of Nature and Science,” Tsumura takes a scientific approach to pursuing safety, efficacy, and consistency in its pharmaceutical products,
and it continues to grow as a leading company in the prescription Kampo formulation sector.

Tsumura in Figures

130 years in business

In 1893, our founder, Jusha Tsumura, began selling Chujoto, a medicine for women.

  • Domestic market share
    In the Kampo formulation market


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  • Net sales

    140.0billion yen

    As of March 31, 2023

  • Turnover rate


    excluding retirees

    Average years of service


  • Average number of days of paid leave taken


    Average monthly overtime


    As of March 31, 2023

  • Ratio of female managers


    As of March 31, 2023

    Ratio of male to female employees

    • Male


    • Female


    As of March 31, 2023

Business domains





Prescription Kampo
129 prescription

  • Prescription Kampo
  • OTC Kampo formulations
  • Raw material crude drugs, Drug pieces, Yakushokudogen products, etc.
  • Domestic Business

    Continue to expand the Kampo market by providing Kampo solutions that suit each physician
    Priority areas:“geriatric health,” “cancer (supportive care)” and “women’s health”

  • China Business

    Expanding sales of crude drugs and drug pieces in China and entering the traditional Chinese medicinal products business

TSUMURA’s Network

and sales offices


Selected by a leading investment specialist as a

“Good Company”

Kamakura Investment Management manages the publicly offered investment trust Yui Nii Ichi Zero Ichi, setting unique criteria for selecting “good companies” to invest in.
Tsumura was selected for inclusion in the portfolio as a “good company” that contributes to the healthy lives of people and extension of healthy longevity in 2010 when the investment trust was launched, and has continued to hold the status to this day.

Reasons for selecting Tsumura are not limited to simply its competitive advantage of promoting a global business as a specialist in Kampo, a niche market. More than that, the trust manager notes the company’s management philosophy of conducting correct business in accordance with the principles of nature, as represented by the phrase of “In the Spirit of Nature’s Laws,” as well as the corporate quality built under the management philosophy and that appear in the following forms:

  1. Autonomous organizational culture that encourages both the independence and mutual cooperation of employees
  2. Management policy of providing fair employment opportunities to those with and without disabilities
  3. Strong commitment to stable supply of high-quality Kampo products

These characteristics superlatively match the investment trust’s selection criteria related to “people.”

Kamakura Investment Management Co., Ltd.

Yasuyuki Kamata


Lively Living for

The Tsumura Group is committed to contributing to the healthy lives of individuals
throughout their life stages by bringing together nature’s wisdom and science.

  • Corporate Value

    The Best of Nature and Science

  • Corporate Mission

    To contribute to the unparalleled medical therapeutic power of the combination of Kampo medicine and Western medicine

History of TSUMURA

  • 1893

    Tsumura Juntendo opened for business

  • 1924

    Tsumura Research Institute for Pharmaceutical Science and Tsumura Medicinal Plant Garden opened

  • 1957

    Chujoto Building Clinic opened

  • 1964

    Shizuoka Plant constructed

  • 1976

    Drug price listing

  • 1982

    Ibaraki Plant and Research Laboratories started

  • 1988

    The company name was changed to Tsumura & Co.

  • 1991

    Shenzhen Tsumura Medicine Co., Ltd. Established

  • 2001

    Shanghai Tsumura Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. Established

  • 2010

    Lao Tsumura established

  • 2017

    Joint venture with Ping An Insurance established in China