Tsumura Group’s Sustainability

For the Tsumura Group, sustainability management is none other than the embodiment of our Sustainability Vision.
Since we are promoting a business that uses crude drugs, which are substances provided by nature, and leading it into the future, we need to be extremely sensitive to changes in the natural environment as well as any potential crises it may face. Our commitment to making fullest use of the gifts of nature and continuing to contribute to human health and medicine is embedded in our Sustainability Vision, “Living with nature for tomorrow.” Throughout the Kampo value chain, we aim to realize sustainability for people, society, and the global environment. We will work to realize a recycling society in our own way, by ensuring that all resources, not only crude drugs but also water and air, are returned to nature.
As we strive to achieve our Business Commitment, “Lively Living for Everyone,” we are incorporating the Group’s Sustainability Vision, which upholds our Corporate Value, “The Best of Nature and Science,” into our concrete activities through our Long-Term Management Vision.
The Long-Term Management Vision, TSUMURA VISION “Cho-WA” 2031, takes the theme of “Cho-WA: Creating a Future in a Well-Balanced State,” and aims to create a future that achieves “Cho-WA” (a well-balanced state) between mind and body, between individuals and society, and between Kampo medicine and Western medicine through the three Ps.

Sustainability Vision

Living with nature for tomorrow.

Kampo products embody the wisdom of humankind.
Through Kampo, we want to bring about harmony and sound circulation, not only for the benefit of individuals but also for society at large and the Earth.

For people to demonstrate more of their vitality, we will help them maintain their body's mental and physical harmony and circulation.
We will work to create a society where people lead their lives in good health and with vigor.
Moreover, we will strive for the smooth circulation of limited resources for the global environment, regarding this as part of our job at Tsumura as well.

In line with the Corporate Value, "The Best of Nature and Science,"
Tsumura will bring about good harmony to people, society and the Earth to enrich them and promote healthy circulation for the well-being of the entire planet.

Continuing to be a company that is more sensitive to the natural environment than all others,
we will make more and better use of the power of nature for humankind.

Sustainability Committee

We recognize that response to issues related to sustainability, such as consideration for global environmental issues like climate change and respect for human rights, are important management priorities. The Sustainability Committee is under the supervision of the Board of Directors. The committee examines and monitors the Company’s overall direction and activities in order to see that these issues are reflected in concrete strategies. In addition, five subcommittees have been formed under the Committee, with each one responsible for organizing cross-organizational discussions on knowledge, experience and research findings collected from various divisions in accordance with the medium- to long-term environmental goals and other targets. Furthermore, to stimulate more active discussion, regular opportunities are provided to report the results of each subcommittee to the Committee Chair (Co-COO Sugii) as part of efforts to enhance the effectiveness of sustainability activities. We will strive to ensure such effectiveness by responding flexibly to changes in the social environment and the requirements of the times.