Message from Outside Directors

Discussion in the Nomination/Remuneration Advisory Committee

  • Outside Director
    Chairman of the Nomination / Remuneration Advisory Committee
    Chairman of Outside Directors’ Meeting

    Hiroshi Miyake

    In Tsumura's Nomination/Remuneration Advisory Committee we conduct broad-view discussions to make our procedures for selecting and appointing directors and executives and deciding their remuneration as objective and transparent as possible. In addition to our discussions in committee meetings, held eight times a year, we work to understand the qualities and abilities of executive candidates from their speeches to present the results of the TSUMURA ACADEMY Department’s executive training program as well as from the executive officer reports in meetings of the Board of Directors. In these activities committee members tap their respective individual knowledge to evaluate the candidates and deepen discussion. The committee’s most important discussion theme, I think, is succession planning. That’s because steady progress with training our future executives is a precondition for effective corporate governance. With our business in China reaching full scale, I understand that we urgently need to diversify the core personnel who will lead the operation.

Discussion in the Outside Directors’ Meeting

  • Outside Director

    Tadashi Okada

    In the Outside Directors’ Meeting, I often realize how it gives us part-time members opportunities to better understand Tsumura Group businesses and enhance the quality of decision-making by the Board of Directors. From the standpoint of reinforcing our governance functions, I think we’ve been very effective in grasping what is discussed in the Executive Committee, the Group's executive body, as has our system for getting reports on important matters directly from floor managers.

    In fiscal 2022 we put particular emphasis on discussing large investments in the Chinese operation as well as mergers and acquisitions.
    That’s because we needed to raise the quality of decision-making on these matters, which require quick, flexible decisions.To realize our longterm vision, we will continue to monitor the Chinese operation and major investment targets as important discussion themes for the OutsideDirectors’ Meeting.

Message from a newly appointed outside director

  • Outside Director

    Ryohei Yanagi

    I think my responsibility is to apply my knowledge and expertise in support of high-quality financial and non-financial strategies, and contribute as an independent outside director representing all stakeholders to secure the long-term sustainable growth of the corporate value of the Tsumura Group. In that, creating a harmonious balance between social value and economic value is needed based on the Group’s Corporate Purpose and materiality. I will focus my work on advice and supervision related to balance sheet management and equity spread to achieve higher PBR, growth-oriented investment with a medium- to long-term view, and the relationship between ESG and corporate value.

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